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void ccv_hog(ccv_dense_matrix_t *a, ccv_dense_matrix_t **b, int b_type, int sbin, int size)

Histogram-of-Oriented-Gradients implementation, specifically, it implements the HOG described in Object Detection with Discriminatively Trained Part-Based Models, Pedro F. Felzenszwalb, Ross B. Girshick, David McAllester and Deva Ramanan.


void ccv_canny(ccv_dense_matrix_t *a, ccv_dense_matrix_t **b, int type, int size, double low_thresh, double high_thresh)

Canny edge detector implementation. For performance reason, this is a clean-up reimplementation of OpenCV’s Canny edge detector, it has very similar performance characteristic as the OpenCV one. As of today, ccv’s Canny edge detector only works with CCV_8U or CCV_32S dense matrix type.


int ccv_otsu(ccv_dense_matrix_t *a, double *outvar, int range)

OTSU implementation.

return: The threshold, inclusively. e.g. 5 means 0~5 is in the background, and 6~255 is in the foreground.


void ccv_optical_flow_lucas_kanade(ccv_dense_matrix_t *a, ccv_dense_matrix_t *b, ccv_array_t *point_a, ccv_array_t **point_b, ccv_size_t win_size, int level, double min_eigen)

Lucas Kanade optical flow implementation with image pyramid extension.

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