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The utilities in this file provides basic pre-processing which, most-likely, are the first steps for computer vision algorithms.


void ccv_sobel(ccv_dense_matrix_t *a, ccv_dense_matrix_t **b, int type, int dx, int dy)

Compute image with Sobel operator.


void ccv_gradient(ccv_dense_matrix_t *a, ccv_dense_matrix_t **theta, int ttype, ccv_dense_matrix_t **m, int mtype, int dx, int dy)

Compute the gradient (angle and magnitude) at each pixel.


void ccv_flip(ccv_dense_matrix_t *a, ccv_dense_matrix_t **b, int btype, int type)

Flip the matrix by x-axis, y-axis or both.


void ccv_blur(ccv_dense_matrix_t *a, ccv_dense_matrix_t **b, int type, double sigma)

Using Gaussian blur on a given matrix. It implements a O(n * sqrt(m)) algorithm, n is the size of input matrix, m is the size of Gaussian filtering kernel.

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